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Malvern & Malvern Hills Things to do

Malvern is a district and town nestled near the boundary of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It shares its name with the hill range and even the spring water that flows from it. Locals and tourists alike love the idyllic location of Malvern and all its interesting locations.

Whether you’re visiting Malvern for the first time or you’re a lucky resident of this area yourself, here are some of the best attractions you shouldn’t miss checking out:

Little Malvern Priory

During the 1530s, Henry VII dissolved all the monasteries, and the Benedictine priority in Little Malvern village was downsized to a mere parish church.

The crossing tower and chancel were retained but the chapels and transepts were demolished and became ruins on the church’s outer walls to this day.

The priory was established in 1171 with just a small brotherhood of 10 to 12 monks. However, only minimal traces remain of this Romanesque building.

It suffered from a state of disrepair in 1480 much to the humiliation of its residents and underwent reconstruction. Back then, the monks were sent for correction to Gloucester Abby.

During your visit to Little Malvern Priory, make sure you check out the 15th century east window that depicts the family of Edward IV. It includes the future Edward V who was among the tower’s princes that was allegedly killed by Richard III.

Three County Show Ground

The Three County Show Ground is a showground site that covers 90 acres and is under the ownership of the Three Counties Agricultural Society. It was in 1958 when the site held its first show with Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother herself in attendance.

The events in the showground include CountryTastic, Malvern Autumn Show, RHS Malvern Spring Festival, the Three Counties Caravan Show, and Royal Three Counties Show. The Royal Three Counties Show held every year in June in the showground celebrates the British Countryside that includes entertainment, produce, livestock, food, and displays.

End Hill

End Hill is the northernmost peak of the Malvern Hills running around 13 kilometres north-south along the border of Herefordshire and Worcestershire. This lies north-northwest of North Hill and north of Table Hill with a 329-metre elevation.

Malvern Walker

The best way of experiencing the Malverns is to head out for a walk in one of the finest countryside in England. Whether you hit the trail, ramble, or explore the area on foot, nothing can beat the thrill of being a Malvern walker.

The charity Malvern Hills Trust cares for the Malvern Hills that divide the gorgeous English countryside of Worcestershire and Herefordshire. This makes it a wonderful destination for walkers of all abilities and ages, whether you’re up for an energetic trek along the Malvern Hills’ ridge or a gentle walk along a path lined with verdant trees.

Worcestershire Beacon

The Malvern Range’s highest point dominates the west of the Great Malvern. Standing at a height of 425 metres, you can scale the Worcestershire Beacon on foot from the heart of Great Malvern. Its route starts with the paved path that winds up from the Rose Bank Gardens and leads to St. Ann’s Well.

The summit is prominent at 337 metres and showcases a one-of-a-kind panorama that reaches 13 different Welsh and English countries.

Visit Malvern today and see its great attractions up close and personal!